“Fooding is an art of cooking and eating. The word fooding is a contraction of the words "food" and "feeling". The goal of fooding is getting rid of the traditional rules of cooking to yield the possibility for the chef cooks to free themselves in modernity and even in tradition. It's the art of cooking and eating in certain states of mind: appetite for novelty, rejection of annoyance, desire for sincerity, fun and, overall, eating with the times.”

The restaurant:
Eating with the times: that is what it is all about at Aquatica. The restaurant, located in the middle of the resort’s garden, and also called Aquatica is in perfect harmony with the resort’s philosophy. Here, food is about freshness, wellness and pleasure. The products we use are mostly locally-grown and organic, respecting nature and your health at the same time.

The restaurant is absolutely outward-looking: no walls, a typical Goan-styled natural roof, much vegetation and light. You will be likely to enjoy your meal in a picturesque environment, either eating on the main platform or choosing the small sofa-furnished ones even closer to the nature.

The restaurant can seat 35 guests.
It is open everyday and all day long.

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